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Rough housing and acceptance procedure
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Rough housing and acceptance procedure

, roughcast acceptance look outside: facades, exterior wall tile and paint, cell doors and corridors.  

Second, acceptance check: entrance doors, doors, Windows, ceiling, wall, floor, wall tiles, floor tiles, water, waterproof, water,   and weak electricity, heating, gas, ventilation, exhaust, exhaust.  

third, after the adjacent: closed water testing, water meter race and so on have upstairs and downstairs neighbor, cooperate.   Home inspector tools:  

1,   gauges: 5M box, 25~33cm square, 50~60cm technicians and 1M rulers  

2,   pliers tools: Strip with two and three head plug (socket with led); plugs: telephone, television and broadband; multimeter; shake table; the use of a screwdriver (the "-" and "+" character), 5th, 2 batteries, test pencil; hammer; a hammer big light, small light  

3,   accessibility: more than mirror, flashlight, plastic bags, paper + matches, toilet paper, bench, pen   home inspector tools: vertical testing multifunctional internal and external angle detection, multifunctional vertical correction; cursor feeler; diagonal measurement ruler; mirrors; telescopic rod and so on.  

your home inspector noticed problems, simple operational method:  

1,   flue in the kitchen: paper roll fire smoke after ignition, at about 10 cm below the flue Terminal, watching smoke rise into the flue Terminal immediately turn to suck.  

2, bathroom ventilation: vents in the ceiling. By hand unless you stay in the ceiling light see if you have installed and used method for measuring pulling force. Flues, ventilation and a flashlight to see if there is construction waste.  

3, pipeline gas: smoking paper roll near the alarm, alarm device is sensitive movements, alarm sound and light tips at the same time close the inlet solenoid valve. If not, repair;  

4, empty drum: hammer on the mat a few layers of paper (avoid hammer seal) hit the wall, check the wall empty drums. Special steel hammer (10G) measuring wall hollowing.  

5, inspection:  A, check the socket inserted on the:  five-hole socket strip with lights on, lights, have access to electricity, then pull down switch inside the outlet switch (shown), indicator, frequent tests proved the switch, the wiring is good, socket security. If the switch down, plug led is still lit or flashing, indicating switch defective or incorrect wiring, repair immediately, otherwise the error unable to power off a life-threatening electric shock. Shake table test is also applied to the socket insulation is good. &Nbsp;B of the tap switch, switch boxes should be clearly marked. If there is no or not clear, correct immediately. &Nbsp;C, firm switches should be installed in the switch box, each to sway checking, if loose, tighten or replace. When using arcing contact phenomena in future, will result in greater danger. &Nbsp;D, check the cable TV outlet, broadband socket, slip it back there is no loose or plugged into. &Nbsp;E, check flea power socket number:  F, check video intercom and emergency call buttons are working properly. &Nbsp;G, check the entrance door bell: 2 5th battery test the doorbell. Does not ring or rings all the time.  

6, endoscopy (cat's eye): observed after household cat's eye, is loose, unclear vision, incomplete or foreign body cannot be seen and so on, repaired or replaced.  

7, measure height: box staff check the roof, take 4-5, measured values, such as Fusataka of 2.5m (or 2.6m) means the roof does not tilt.  

8,   wall surface measuring: using a long-scale (or with the level of special-purpose ruler), ground against a wall, check whether the formation, while observing whether there are scratches, cracks, walls are there zero (zero: quicklime in mature lime due incomplete mixing is no good, put it on the wall formed by dry blast).  

9,   test LaTeX quality: wall ceiling is flat, surrounded by light with high power bulbs (200 Watt) radiation, light lit up, walls ceilings see immediately whether the formation of light shadows, if uneven, want to bring back fill paint PuTTY, a local paint (patched) differences with the wall colors.  

10, mirror: using mirrors on the doors at the top and bottom of the door, check these normally do not come painted. If the bathroom door, top and bottom paint without brushes, for a long time, for environmental humidity, and heavily used bathroom, can make the door bottom rot prematurely damaged.  

11, the building has the Windows screens, and if not, should be submitted in a timely manner.  

12, check the doors, there are no scratches, deformation by the door, door seal is tight with the box, door and lock switches should be flexible.  

13, check the door seal is good, available on a long strip of seal point, closing down note taking, multi-point pressure test seal is uniform.  

14, the window: sliding window screens and window sash, promote flexible and collision-free. Should prevent cap from the window frame to prevent foreign bodies blocking the drainage, resulting in Windows into the water when it rains. Double glazing wipe clean within and should be given when replace glass cleaner, or later are difficult to resolve.  

15, check piping installation, smooth and seal: with a shaking hand on the heating pipes and water pipes should be firmly fixed. If loose, must be fixed anew. Opens the water valve to see if drainage flow (or pipe blocked by construction debris), water and sanitary paper to wipe up and down pipes for leaks at the bottom.  

16, the kitchen and bathroom are tiled to the top, to check the internal corner angle up to 90 degrees, four corner bump-free (the roof corners and corners on the ground), and floor tile wall tile without cracking and hollowing of deformation. Marked with the hammers hit floor tiles and wall tiles, hollow sound, indicating no paved so that tiles cracking and peeling may occur over a long period should be resurfaced.  

17, closed water test, meter running in test: (an important test project)  

18, bathrooms:  A: bathroom Windows should install the security net in the corridor. &Nbsp;B: If there is no window, there should be ventilation holes. Vent holes located in the ceiling below. Socket waterproof socket closest to the vents.  

19, the radiators:  A: there should be vents above the radiator, gas should be turned off when using. If you twist requires repair solution, or gas line does not come out, radiator does not heat. &Nbsp;B: note also that the radiator when installing inlet and return pipe slope you want, otherwise affect the heating.

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