Analysis on regional market status and trend of furniture


     imbalance of lecong furniture dealers high and operating

     in music, although the strength of big-brand dealers still have a moist, but many small and medium sized furniture dealers have felt the market's decline. Whether it is big or small brand dealer brand dealer, they had to face the reality is: the storm has not in the past, furniture industry will continue to 2012.

     high-end brands limited

     flow of Commerce as the nation's largest furniture distribution center, music from many home stores. The main furniture stores are located on both sides of State Road 325, such as SunLink furniture Mall, Louvre furnishings Expo Center, mission billion, Dong Ming furniture city furniture city, such as red star meikai long. Here brought together different categories, different styles of tens of thousands of furniture brand, has a perfect furniture sales, warehousing, logistics, and other industries, to meet the needs of all kinds of furniture.

     with the development of music from the furniture business, and its international influence is increasing, and attracted merchants from all over the world. Lecong furniture, these foreign businessmen became an important part of the deal. Therefore, some smart dealers are targeting these customers high-end brands and earn huge profits and fast development. When the market felt chills when they did not fall but rise, flourishing as ever.

     shun the furniture city operating a European style furniture brand of Mr Yang told reporters that the past in 2011, in-store sales rose 18.7%. When I marveled at a downturn of this "dazzling" When Yang summarized the shops operated by three characteristics: first, adhere to the high-end route; the second is complete category, large inventory, guests can buy a spot; the third is marketing is in place, guests can easily accept. According to another merchant said, the furniture brand has been billions in sales from a year. For these power-oriented dealers, you can move large space, often combining traditional and therefore is not affected by the regulation of domestic real estate.

     small brand dealers struggling

     also in Shun joint furniture city, is feel to "ice fire double days", North a business sofa, and soft mainly of furniture shop, products main is modern simple style, compared by modern young white-collar favored of, but they head v reporter, they currently of distribution status not satisfactory, and in previous years earlier compared appeared has deserted has many, especially export volume fell have badly.

     as the price of labor, store rents continue to rise, dealer cost will also rise, is close to unbearable limits. Government regulation of the property market, the furniture business and bring the shadow. Many dealers believe that this year will be an important watershed for the furniture industry. Music from a number of small, weak brand dealer might not last, could face a "closed" or find another way out but to choose.

     product is the key to victory

     If the rising business costs is the trend, dealers want to survive in the fierce competition in the market, product selection to work hard to achieve in running out of choice. Author interviews, several dealers when it comes to this problem are invariably given a similar answer. Operating a foreign brand of Li's opinion more representative.

     he said, lecong furniture brand mix, customer attention tended to focus on the product itself. When the product, style and quality that appeals to customers, will be more likely to receive orders. Therefore, distributors in particular small brand dealers need to grasp market trends, and weaker small dealers, according to quick response to market changes, introduction of popular products in a timely manner, in order to seize market opportunities, otherwise completely hopeless.

     today, lecong furniture has entered a period of market adjustments, this year, a new industry for only one of the dealer how much impact? One dealer told journalists business for many years, the fastest in 5 months or so can be seen.

    , Sichuan

     branding strategy March   brand image rise

     in the context of real estate frequently, furniture enterprises in Sichuan's development road and what is it? In my opinion, the overall upward trend did not suffer the effects of real estate, however, Sichuan enterprises are active in changing for change in order to better adapt to market conditions. On one hand, companies continue to develop and update the original connotation and mode of brand strategy, from "personal brand" prosperity "brand" growth changes. The other hand, enterprises in the transformation and upgrade also make a difference, achieve the industry becoming balanced and optimized.

     brand strategy to create brilliant today

     as opposed to the coastal furniture business, furniture enterprises in Sichuan is still 10 years things and furniture enterprises in Sichuan from scratch, from small to reach, thanks to the road of brand development. In this regard, almost witnessed the whole process of the development of modern furniture enterprises in Sichuan have practical experience among those recruited furniture Vice President Wei Bin.

     Wei Bin said with emotion, in more than 10 years ago, sihuan furniture business almost without a brand and global Outlook, therefore in the furniture industry had no position at all. All friends, for example, in early 90 's of the last century, we have the same sort of embarrassment. At that time, among those recruited furniture tries to expand foreign markets, to establish a national marketing network, outside the province, some big stores for all friends of little knowledge, and therefore does not accept all friends in this district.

     after this setback, among those recruited was determined to focus on brand, and therefore rapidly stronger  . 2011 friends became the first furniture industry-wide CCTV's advertising enterprises in Sichuan as well as landmark events in the development of national furniture brands. Among those recruited in Sichuan furniture has inspired a successful peer's ambition and confidence, they have joined the ranks of brand development. Since then, the furniture enterprises in Sichuan is also moving away from the low-end, unknown, unbranded State, became one of the pivotal force in the furniture industry, and also became a major brand in the furniture industry.

     in brand strategy, led by furniture companies from small to large and rapid development in Sichuan. According to statistics, Sichuan furniture in early stages of development, only about 100 in the furniture enterprises in Sichuan, the overall volume of only hundreds of millions of Yuan, today, the furniture business has grown to more than 3,000 companies in Sichuan, enterprise over more than 100 billion of assets, the total output value reached 40 billion yuan.

     hugs upgrade   to create "brand"

     Sichuan furniture if in 10 years time to create a large number of furniture brand, the furniture industry in Sichuan from the "personal brand" boom "regional branding" stands, the process has only just begun.

    2010 years, the Chengdu furniture to create "high-end" as its theme, seeking probes into the furniture industry to upgrade. The year July. Sichuan province furniture gang up to attack, reached with the Red Star meikai long strategic alliance in September, Sichuan brand furniture outlet Center officially established in Hangzhou Red Star meikai long, graceful furniture, opened the door to domestic market; industry Park started construction in Chengdu, to create radiation, to the country in the West, the global furniture trade platform. Sichuan Chengdu international furniture industry, furniture has also introduced exhibitions, trade shows ways to enhance the influence of furniture. In addition, Sichuan has unveiled a "furniture in Sichuan in China" activities in major cities across Sichuan furniture brand, make consumers feel furniture in Sichuan, to know Sichuan furniture.

     a series of efforts aimed at the promotion and promotion of brands in the region of Sichuan's overall image, enhance the cohesion of the regional brand, Sichuan furniture brand enjoy popular support, enhanced consumer and graceful furniture overall impression and perception of people in the industry.

     upgrade   to optimize the industrial structure

     in order to build a regional advantage, Sichuan furniture there must be restructuring and upgrading, focused on two or three cities a single course in the past to make adjustments. Sichuan Rong Yuwei furniture importers and exporters Association Secretary-General pointed out: at present, some furniture enterprises in Sichuan have been actively seeking strategic transformation and upgrading, and began his career in the high-end brands, to show the furniture into a new dynamic of first-tier cities.

    , of course, is not to say that furniture should all make a transition level market in Sichuan province, but furniture enterprises in Sichuan to show more shape. Overall, with the passage of time and conditions mature, furniture 123 cities in Sichuan will do, have better, more balanced State, will be formed by more than 5,000 a regional brand of furniture enterprises in Sichuan is condensed by the entity.

     in short, Western Sichuan furniture has no, and that is to make the national furniture industry "brand", Guangdong and Beijing more influence outside home plate. Towards the strategic goal of process, how to realize the brand from "individuals" to "groups" changes, and furniture enterprises in Sichuan was deep in thought and research.


     xianghe furniture three questions to decide their future trends

     in real estate under high pressure, xianghe furniture stores also had to face transformation and strategic adjustments. In this process, if for their own advantage, if the analysis is not in place, the key problem-solving irregularity would hamper the future development of, existing advantage may even turn into disadvantages. Fully understand the current situation and development direction of xianghe furniture city is quite important.

     problems of low prices and brand image

     for a long time, city of xianghe furniture from their geographical location, resource characteristics, has been positioned as a low-end products in development strategies, low price line and formation made a deep impression in the minds of consumers. However, the low prices are a double-edged sword, good side is in line with the vast majority of our consumers ' consumption levels; bad is vulnerable to "cheap things always have bad quality" tradition, difficult to promote in brand value.

     in fact, the low price of negative aspects have appeared in the city of xianghe furniture operation. The past few years, xianghe furniture city in brand choice with great adjustment in the after-sales service, and even do better than furniture market in Beijing, but reverse the impression consumers results in this area is not too large. Although between low-end and high-end, there's a side of the intersection, but the overall impression, many consumers would prefer to go to high-end market selection of midrange products, rather than go to the lower end of the market selection of mid-tier products, one of the rather intriguing.

     in the development process in the future, want to introduce more high-end brand in xianghe, is the product of the structure to be balanced, to reverse its "low price" impression? Xiang he deserves to make timely decisions. If you want to move closer to the high end, you need to drastically change, supplemented by greater awareness, reshaping the xianghe image. In the context of increased competition between the industries across the country, this transformation process, the sooner the better, the longer bad for the xianghe. However, after prominent on high-end, would alienate the consumer groups want cheap furniture? The tradeoffs requires intensive study and investigation.

     complex management structure and potential management issues

     in fact, from all over the country park management point of view, often create early to one spirit's rapid expansion, and mature, often started on decline in business conditions, even to sustain. The reason for this is that: when you grow an economy, its management difficulty increases exponentially. Some industrial park-run defeat, is that management couldn't keep up with expansion at a rate of speed, we can see that determine the future could well run into an international city of xianghe furniture industrial park the key privacy, that is, whether it has an international-level management support.

     xianghe needs management upgrade is complete, contains not only the external marketing management, brand-building, but more importantly the internal management of the system, standardization and flexibility. Which requires a lot of research and analysis, management and integration, while the Middle process may result in errors and repeated many times, without making major mistakes, how to quickly corrected from error, right management system, if this problem cannot be solved, xianghe furniture city will "collapse".

     of talent of high demand and limited the sources

     success of a industrial park operations, in addition to geographical advantages, advantages and capital advantages of hardware resources, talent is also crucial. Both marketing and management, technology and planning, xianghe need a lot of talent. Judging from the current situation, xianghe talent introduction there are many problems, optimization upgrades, further development of talent has become a major bottleneck.

     xianghe starting from the low end to the price advantage to win, in terms of operating costs, human resources had to be cost controlled this xianghe is not feasible on the most favourable terms attract talent, limited appeal for talent. Meanwhile, on the whole, retailing, service industries, China's senior management talent is scarce, some business and service industries are "oddball" and "stones", in running large powerless on the project. Therefore, the combination of how to attract and cultivate local talent, will come from different backgrounds, with different capacities, have different habits of talent together, creating xianghe's advantages in human resources, will be a daunting task.

     in conclusion, three rates of xianghe xianghe furniture city in the development of personalized questions, and to some extent also common problems faced by the furniture industry Park in China. Talent is the key to solving the problem.


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