Building materials such as cement industry energy-saving plan

published by the Ministry of industry and energy saving "Twelve-Five" programme (hereinafter referred to as the plan) officially released.

     the plan as the "Twelve-Five" national industrial energy saving guideline document, aimed at implementing the People's Republic of China for national economic and social development of the 12th five-year plan and the transformation and upgrading of the industrial plan (2011-2015) and the State Department "Twelve-Five" energy saving energy saving integrated work programme and the planning (2011-2015), establish the concept of green development, Enhance the level of industrial development of energy-saving.

     the plan of building materials such as cement industry energy-saving way and measures planning. Specific for: to cement, and flat glass and new wall body material for focus, vigorously development pre mix concrete, and pre mix mortar, and concrete products, cement base material products and hollow glass, and laminated glass, energy-saving type building materials products and high performance fire insulation material, and sintering hollow products and fly ash steam pressure added gas concrete, light insulation wall body material; eliminated diameter  3.0  meters and the following of cement mechanized State kiln and diameter  3.0  M ball mill (except in remote areas in the Western provinces), drawing technology of flat glass production line (including law), backward technology and equipment, comprehensive energy consumption of substandard cement clinker production line, float glass production line cement grinding station, and the General technological transformation, technology still does not meet the deadlines for shut. Cement products energy saving measures and the objective is to develop eco-cement and cement products, continue to promote the pure low temperature waste heat generating technology in cement kiln, with an emphasis on grinding energy-saving energy-saving equipment. &Nbsp;2015  years, raise the proportion of pure low temperature waste heat power generation of cement kiln to  65% above.


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