Decorating tray every day thanks to friends at careful than renovation contract clauses

When decorating, many consumers will entrust their relatives and friends every day, "staring" decoration in order to guarantee the quality of decoration. However, when disputes occur, due to the renovation contract was too rough, consumers often have difficulty safeguarding. In this regard, the Liaoning province industry and Commerce 12315 command center to remind consumers when you sign a home improvement contract "should be thin rather than thick", repair, warranty, breach of contract and other important issues should be determined in detail.

     consumers in Anshan city, Liaoning province, in October last year with a decoration company in the city sign a home improvement contract, hardcover agreed their own housing, 50,000 yuan. But because the consumer is not the agreed delivery time has been delay decoration decoration company. A month later, when consumers find the decoration company, decoration company said it was too busy to receive consumer complaints only to the industrial and commercial sector.

     business officers survey found that consumers referred to the case. Business without undue delay the construction, in violation of the People's Republic of China-related provisions of the consumer protection law, operators should be required to perform repair obligations. After mediation, decoration company immediately deployed decoration, and apologized to consumers.

     reminds of the business sector, before signing the contract, consumers first decorating company has a business license with the architectural Enterprise qualification certificate and other basic information for understanding. And, in a contract, both parties should be expressly agreed repair time, the warranty scope, and key issues such as liability for breach of the warranty period to facilitate the proper dispute resolution.

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