"Fortress building" is the stumbling block to the development

China Minmetals is prepared to Austria, Hallstatt village "copied" to Huizhou in Guangdong Province, caused First Nations criticism. Cloning of Minmetals, a lot of people don't buy it, think minerals Corporation, although the clone to the village of "beautiful", but you cannot copy it, "elegant" and "habitable", especially the long term accumulation of natural heritage and moved to China.

     in fact, we already have too many European architectural styles, such as copies of settlements. Building a European-style name you give yourself, I cloned an American main street, you have a French-style community, I directly put Italy village cribbed. If you read between the lines, MINMETALS ' copycat behavior is not a light sentence to imitate, but a fallen on the design and construction of the original consciousness.

     controls the Ministry industry, we also have a lot of cloning. Next to the shops to open a "gold brand" store, he had not bothered to get and store the same "person". This "fake brand-name" the proliferation phenomenon started in the garment industry, has now spread to the domestic industry. The most typical example is the Nippon, Philips, oudian ceramics and other brand-name had met "shanzhai" awkwardness.

     why does the bathroom, paint, water heater, home appliances industry "alongside brand-name" is common? Real Li Kui to the fake Li Kui's resignation, the key is that laws are not well delineated a clear border restrictions, often confuse the true brand-name are not properly protected, fake designer gets his ill-gotten gains due to low replication costs. Strengthening brand building is not trivial.

     there is a reason for this is due to "fake brand-name" appears in two or three cities or more low-end stores in big cities, its object is also aimed at buying experience, inadequate information consumer groups. Likely to be more successful. And original awareness is our weakness. The view was expressed that "fake brand-name" are not illegal, and it's cheaper, why not? Can hit the big brands certainly has its price advantage, "shanzhai" naturally attracted the eyes of consumers. So rather than voted against fake brands [us   news] into the effort, might as well spend more energy on legitimate consumer Outlook to cultivate.

     in fact, the market is a double-edged sword, imagine the consumer seems to be buying into the "fake brand-name" cheap, but underlying the quality of security risks. This loom large in home decoration. Who wants to use poor quality building materials to take the risk? Companies that copied brands became mines actually ugly, when its life is revealed, and will inevitably meet consumer and market pariah. From this point of view, the fake brand-name enterprises seeking to make quick money actions are not conducive to the building products industry, brand development, is a stumbling block to the development of the industry.

     there is the question of intellectual property rights, like metals, minerals and real estate clones Austria village, whether there is a suspicion of plagiarism? May be in dispute in the law. Currently Austria places Protection Office said if owners believe that rights are infringed, and can be charged separately, and some even proposed to discuss this matter to the EU. "The Chinese copied European culture must be carried out on an equitable basis, not just copy profits", the idea is likely to be mentioned again in Europe


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