Fully decorated room can you buy

for some "upgrade estates" to buyers, simple decoration might be more conducive to change hands for the future sale.

     a group calling itself "a domestic building materials professional, associate editor of" netizens "Li Xiaoyan" accused anxin flooring "severely overweight, poor toxic formaldehyde" post, several developers, including vanke pushed to the forefront. Although vanke recently released inspection results have indicated that selection of anxin flooring quality is no problem, anxin flooring also insisted that the company's products in full compliance with national standards, but going about the country decorated houses emerged. "The medicine" owners called: "never buy renovated House! ”

     "poison floor" cloud

    2 16th, the name "Li Xiaoyan" friends in the Katy community published an article called "China's top ten flooring product" anxin flooring products, one of the "excessive formaldehyde" and "deliberately false and shoddy" problem. Article said that since 2008, anxin flooring for a number of domestic real estate companies to provide excessive formaldehyde content of unqualified floor, the main customer vanke ranked, qualified for nearly two years paving the floor all renovated room in more than 10 cities. The exposed not only has a lot of detailed text description, equipped with several former employees copies of anxin flooring has no qualified internal mail of the floor. "Li Xiaoyan" also attached his phone number at the end, but always in a shutdown state.

     It is understood that An Xinwei anxin flooring (Shanghai) Timber Co Ltd and Suzhou An Xinwei light wood consisting of two companies, referred to as "floor", abbreviated as "A&;;W", company registration, Qingpu district, Shanghai and Suzhou Wujiang city. In 2008, anxin flooring and a large number of well-known enterprises in China formed a strategic partnership, providing full decoration housing needs flooring, vanke, which are its main customers.

     exposed post, Ann and company to serve foreign-owned enterprises, but the so-called foreign United States venture of the Carlyle Group, did not participate in the actual operation of the company, the company is actually controlled by businessmen from Wenzhou private entrepreneurs, who is known for carefully, keen to cut corners. Credit is provided for vanke formaldehyde excessive and serious shortage of panel thickness of poor HIV floor is entirely in order to reduce costs, the company sells to vanke's teak and oak flooring sells for 115 Yuan on average, the price is even lower than the European standard E0 grade (formaldehyde content less than or equal to 0.5 mg per cubic metre) the production cost of the product.

     "Li Xiaoyan" accusations, denied quality questions anxin flooring, while another removed the official online partner directory listed. Vice Chairman Chen anxin flooring said, all awaiting the results of quality inspection departments coming to a conclusion, hoping the media to carry out investigation to verify and don't buckle before the results are out, "HIV floor" hat, and "Li Xiaoyan" my authenticity.

     vanke responded repeatedly link "Li Xiaoyan" without success, "for the fictional character, we do not make any response." Vanke wants "Li Xiaoyan" took out the evidence. Meanwhile, vanke also started an urgent investigation process, suspended purchases anxin brand flooring, and announced in the evening of February 22 first anxin flooring review-Wuhan China vanke Charm City project with anxin brand engineered wood flooring check indicators are shown qualified. On February 25, China vanke unveiled Qingdao, Guangzhou, Chongqing, the three second floor on seven recheck results, formaldehyde emissions are in line with national standards.

     vanke took 4 floor of City real estate review results, "Li Xiaoyan"  2 26th post again, think Wuhan China vanke inspection report concluded that formaldehyde is only 0.2mg/L it's ridiculous and anxin and vanke attempts with formaldehyde E1 grade GB replacing the floor E0 promised in the contract. "Li Xiaoyan" anxin flooring evaded the company deliberately fake, fake facts and said there are 12 related messages and 2  tape has not been publicly disclosed.

     as of press time, "Li Xiaoyan" frequent posting, test report for quality supervision departments wanke new doubts, credit, etc.

     once in place, looks great

     the flooring market for domestic decoration House produced a crisis of confidence.

    fine decoration is national vigorously advance of industry direction, early in 2002, national live built Department on announced implementation has residential indoor decorative decoration management approach and commodity residential decoration once in place implementation rules, clear provides: "implementation decoration once in place of commodity residential, by residential development units is responsible for decoration of full process, not allows purchase who personal hired construction units itself decoration. "It is regrettable that, rules implemented in China's real estate sector has more than 10 years ago, there is still lack of an authoritative, unity refined decoration standard. Developers in the development of decoration items, due to the large quantities, can't control at all. Uniform hardcover, both standards, standards implementation and self-discipline of enterprises is also critical. Standards and supervision of absence of double the present decoration property complaints have accounted for more than 30% of the entire real estate complaint ratio.

     new Shanghai Tang also did not live in their decorated House, you already fed up. In September 2010, he bought a property in Shanghai flats of a refined decoration, price of about 18,000 yuan per square meter. "I'm 36 years old and has a first House, is your born gift. "Mr Tang said, though more than 30 kilometers in downtown Shanghai, but he works in changning district, take the subway for an hour is acceptable. "Mainly feel this real estate is big business, although average prices than the surrounding property for your two thousand or three thousand Yuan, and showed me the model is very good, well decorated room than the rough housing you around 2500 Yuan per square meter, I was a person who took the trouble, simply choose the 115 square meters decoration of high-rise apartments, total of 2.07 million Yuan. ”

     worrying thing is, during the decoration period, and developers to "during the construction of security" grounds, refused the owner access to the site, "I still do not know what his house pretending to like, especially when a lot of concealed work. "Mr Tang heard that in January of this year got the blank room owners have been found in houses there are many problems, his own" decoration "but do not hold out much hope, especially when she learned that the real estate purchase anxin flooring later. "Through this incident, I learned is to never buy a well decorated room, because too many uncontrollable factors, especially the faster, you don't know what finally got the House. "Mr Tang's House will be delivered in May this year, he did not know if the check out fails, should look for how third parties authority to check their houses, after all, the contractual warranty period of only one year, he has worried about his long-term deal with property maintenance in the future.

     be cautious to buy decorated houses

     decorated room has a lot of advantages, for example, can save time and resources costs, no second decoration after the handover, owners from purchase to arrival time is much shorter, and a high volume of purchases and construction also ensures lower prices and fewer losses. Deal with some risk but well decorated room, let buyer complaints is soaring in recent years.

     one hand, anxin disturbances reveal the unspoken rules: floor, bathroom and all hardbound materials such as furniture, cabinets, the prevalence for hardcover "special" phenomenon. Insiders revealed that the "special products" are "special", if not "special", not cost reduction will be poured in to crowd out other brands. "Designer", the quality of where the line is, who can say at the moment.

     China on the hardcover and no uniform acceptance standards, supervision is only affecting the buildings structural witness inspection, support materials, decoration materials, it is very little attention, such as wooden floors, paint, whether harmful substances exceeding the Basic does not view. In General, the management company of full decoration housing quality inspection and random sampling, samples are usually less than 20% of the entire property.

     therefore, experts suggest that consumers who ready to purchase a well decorated room, requires developers to clearly establish the decorated houses in the purchase contract to be used in the main equipment, doors, Windows, furniture, kitchen appliances, mirrors, faucets, Rod, were imported and domestically produced, what brand. When consumers can control acceptance, country by the Raiders. Buyer also should remember that retained all the evidence. For example, many decorated room, the purchase contract has "quality not lower than showroom" message. However, most after the Open House will be built in the existing home demolished, so consumers should advance through photography, video and other evidence left behind a model of. In addition, the purchase of should also be agreed in detail on the liability for breach of the contract, such as contract "repair, equipment has the quality problem provided by the seller, the seller should pay double compensation" and so on.

     the other hand, if you want to invest in real estate, as far as possible take into account rough room. Said a second-hand House transaction intermediary for nearly 5 years, well decorated room is often prone to less than the owner expected in a deal situation. Because buyers generally have their own needs, not willing to spend extra for décor that you don't like fees. If buyers are investors, simply decorated House is also considered to be the best choice. Home buyers, will also consider the decoration does not meet their needs, and to remove the decoration and renovation costs again, buying smaller and thus reduces the seller's price. Therefore, for some "upgrade estates" to buyers, simple decoration might be more conducive to change hands for the future sale.



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