Let no toxic materials into your home

the annual "staged" is coming. Reporters learned this year, "staged a" theme "consumption and security." In recent years, home security more and more attention, "formaldehyde", "radioactive pollution", such words of concern. The House itself is not toxic, "formaldehyde", "radioactive pollution" drive away these people see the "poison" comes from in the first place?

     industry experts warned that if the toxic building materials for interior decoration, on those who have to bring "poisoning" of risk. What building materials toxic? How can we distinguish between toxic materials? Recently, this reporter visited the building materials sector.

     toxic building materials can not be ignored

     said "formaldehyde" you are familiar, it is the most common building material of the toxic substances present in the Panel and wallpaper. If doors and Windows with a paint brush, carefully paint the inside of the VOC, benzene, toluene, heavy metals are hazardous to human health. General interior wall paint (LaTeX), may include free toluene, heavy metals, VOC and other toxic substances.

     appears to be colorful bright wallpaper, is toxic, and it contains heavy metals of barium, chromium, cadmium, lead, formaldehyde, etc. And smooth granite, gypsum products and architectural ceramics, it contains radioactive elements. Living in such an environment, can cause dizziness, headache, nervousness.

     of toxic building materials said "no"

     If not sure of buying building materials, consumers can test programme with the indoor environment testing expert, agreed time of detection, detection, sampling and Inspection Department of the door, within three business days and send test reports, on indoor air pollution-the room will also provide treatment suggestions and recommendations.

     detection experts, in the Interior must be selected in accordance with the national standard of paints, coatings, adhesives and waterproofing materials and wooden materials. Conditional can be used wood furniture. Choice of waterborne Wood coatings is prevention and the basic way to reduce PCB-contaminated home interior decoration. Be careful not to paint wall, this is a serious process of indoor environment pollution will cause of benzene pollution for a long time. Because under normal circumstances, benzene volatilization faster, renovation of room not to be admitted immediately. Housing should be allowed to maintain good ventilation, and organic compounds of benzene after a period of time to go back.

     and buy building materials, not cheap, as far as possible to the normal building materials market to buy, so you can avoid purchasing hazardous materials as much as possible, reduce the decoration pollution. Second, ask dealer for complying with the new standard test report. Third, allow the operator stated on the invoice product name, harmful materials-limit of harmful substances of class and so on. Four is when using the material to stay small samples, event decoration pollution or other problems can be used as evidence.

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     did you ever encounter toxic building materials?

     when consumers are shopping more and more attention to health and environmental protection, while people live in household products is given greater weight, healthy life is the eternal theme of market consumption trends. In real life, do you ever encounter toxic building materials? If so, you can pass the evening news hotline 96333 complaints, our exposure to the toxic building materials brand you met, and will help your rights through legal channels to ensure your home improvement consumer safety.


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