Renovation construction at midday rest!

27th Lady Lou dial this hotline to reflect her victory garden decoration are common residents, nor rest stop at noon. Her children this will be a test, she hoped the property would put up a limited renovation notification so as not to affect the normal lunch break kids.

     Lady Lou live wins big garden, since its possession in 2007, there have been repeated residents ' decorated houses, construction of some tenants still at noon. She didn't care too much, but this year her children read chusi, is about to face tests, sleep late, need to sleep a rest at noon. Happens to be these days, owners of the same upstairs after 12 o'clock noon is still decorating the House. She feared children rest is reflected in community property, property to discourage it, and posted at the home entrance doors limited renovation notification.

     reporter then contacted the victory gardens of residential property, customer service personnel, in signing agreements with property owners, there are provisions on decoration time, is 7:30 to 11:30 in the morning, afternoon is 1:30 to 5:30. Receiving the owners, after reflection, she told renovation management teams, the Panel has been sent in the past to discourage notification. For owners wishing to post a notice of the proposal, she told renovation management teams.

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