What property owners pay the decoration margin

people buy new House decoration is inevitable, but she didn't receive keys and rules followed by. "Submit a repair bond, or cannot get new keys. "This is when people go through the transfer of new, residential property companies often request. Reporters in recent days against the owner, House decoration margin reflected the company charged question of whether reasonable and legitimate interviews.

     owner: make 1500 Yuan to receive keys

     in May last year, Mr Wei buys is located in the main city of the public house. When Mr Wei when handing over of the premises, residential property company said: "you have to pay 1500 Yuan renovation security deposit, decoration cannot be   damaged building facilities include a load-bearing wall in the House, and not dumping construction waste and clean construction waste. "The property company's staff claimed that if Wei fails to renovated margin payments, you can apply for new keys.

     Mr Wei said recently to the property management company did not intend to decorate, but property companies still make money, otherwise not give new keys. Mr Wei eventually yielded to the property company's requirements.

     last August, an owner to complain to the newspaper within a community, a landlord in the district bearing wall houses smashed. "I went to the properties reflect the matter at that time, the result property said they had confiscated the   home owner decoration margin, but they have no right to take coercive measures, they can do about that. "The owner told reporters that made her so angry that she confiscated the renovation bond would be tantamount to giving the owner of the property did take the construction of right! for savage owners renovated property can ignore it?

     property: being forced to bail

     yesterday afternoon, reporters interviewed a property company. The property company staff told reporters that the renovation bond quoted property companies are "must have". "Owners to the community should be renovated, but savage   decoration and the Act of throwing construction waste, we charge a repair bond is to regulate the owner's repair, for all owners. "The property company's head told reporters, method of collecting renovation deposit most of   are an approach to the new community. This approach is compelling, and it can to some extent, residential property owners do not appear barbaric decoration and the Act of throwing construction waste.

     "we charge after renovation deposit, at least, most of the owners can be unconsciously decoration does not change the original design of the House, from the effect is pretty good. "The head of the property management company told Xinhua. Dang   asked if the margin property companies charge decoration legitimate, to tell reporters that property company decoration margin does not expressly require, this is mostly an internal Convention.

    : the margin property can charge decoration

    , tongliao city, check out the residential property management policy (Tong Zheng Zi [2009]117) fifth chapter provides that "acts to standardize the use and maintenance of the property owner's renovation, controlling illegal renovation, property services companies can charge the owners decorated margins, generally not more than 2000 Yuan. ”

     in addition, Realty management company found within the Realty Management area of the acts provided for in the preceding paragraph, owners should be discouraged, asking them to correct, do not scatter or will not be corrected, should report on the community work together to address or inform the relevant departments, the relevant Department shall be dealt with in a timely manner.

     in private within the Realty Management area set building facade architecture, functions, unauthorized changes, the Planning Department is responsible for the prohibition and monitoring clear, restored to its original condition; decoration in violation of, or damage to the main building structure without authorization, supervised by the property departments are responsible for the prohibition and restored to its original condition.

     within the Realty Management area or the surrounding dust, noise and other pollution caused by residential property owners, by the Environmental Protection Department is responsible for the investigation. The destructive environment of order, public order, coordinated by the neighborhood police agencies responsible for the investigation.

     according to article 45th: owners or occupiers decoration houses, renovation projects, renovation should be parts, decoration time written property services business. Property services company shall be renovated housing considerations, whether you want to record and the record departments can inform the owners or occupiers, and of his duties of supervision and management.

     property services companies are finding in the renovation process when there are acts in violation of the relevant provisions, it shall notify the person to immediately stop and correct; it refuses, it should be submitted to the relevant authorities in a timely manner in accordance with the law.


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