Home improvement knowledge


according to your understanding of the material prices and construction details to make a more realistic budget, remember don't forget loss problems existing in the construction (usually 5%)  

1, water budget (drainage pipes and fittings, power wire, threaded pipe and fittings, water and electricity installation costs)  

2, surface engineering, budget (tile floors)  

3,   ceiling project budget;

project budget 4, walls (paint, wallpaper, and so on)  

5, wood project budget (furniture, decorations, etc)  

6, door and window engineering budgetary  

7, the other project budget (finished furniture or objects of installation costs, cleaning costs, transport costs, and so on and so on 0 

now that you know how much you want to spend money to get what you want "my home", and enough money quickly to earn it! Oh, if you had enough, you can choose a good day, and organized the workers start decorating!

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