Home improvement knowledge


interior decoration is usually divided into the masonry, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, lacquering, cleaners, porters and professional product installer- 

renovating the roughly according to the following steps:  

1, masonry, channel: all line trunking (roads, water supply and drainage intensity circuits) as well as according to the design requirements of the wall and other demolition, openings, etc. (Usually 3 days)  

2, plumbers, wiring: electrical, water, gas installation layout. (Usually 4-7 day)  

3, NI (water), bricklaying, construction and wall and floor tile surface decoration: landfill trunking, the building of the wall, the corner shop wall repair, floor tile wall tile stickers. (Usually 10-25 day)  

4, carpentry, decoration and design: according to the design requirements of all the decorative surface (heaven and earth walls), as well as furniture. (Usually 15-30 day)  

5, paint, furniture and wall finishes: all wood furniture, decorative accessories, ceiling and walls whitewashed (latex paint, wallpaper wall covering). (Usually 20-40 days to complete, especially when doing wall paint, and the weather is very large)  

6, plumbers, lamp ware installed. (Usually 3-4 day)  

7, other, wood floor curtain installation, installation of purchased metal pendants, the whole wasteland the clean. (Usually 3-4 day)  

8, under which you can buy furniture (sofas, dining tables, and so on), moved to ... Half of the month, you will stay (if you use materials more environmentally friendly, when finished, don't have to process on indoor pollution, wind on the line. ) 

construction steps above.

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