Home improvement knowledge

Decoration materials, lists of main content

, living room, bedroom

1. building materials: tile, paint, skirting, flooring, paint, plaster line, laminate flooring, joinery boards, gypsum boards, FIR, multilayer, single-plate, fire boards, nails, wood, door, foot, aluminum-plastic plate (key)

2. lighting: lights, spotlights, floor lamp

3. sewing: curtains

4. hardware: curtain Rails, locks, doors, and hinges, switch plates, power sockets, TV sockets, air-conditioning outlet, telephone Sockets, wire (R15/R25/R4)

Second, kitchen

1. building materials: floor tiles, wall tiles, ceilings, cabinets

2. lighting: lights, spotlights, under-Cabinet lights

3. electrical appliances: stove, range hood

4. hardware: sink, sink faucet, drain, hinges, switch plates, outlet, angle valves, cookers

three, bathroom

1. building materials: floor tile, wall tile, ceiling

2. lighting: lamps, spotlights

3. electrical: fan, Yuba

4. ware types: wash basin, countertop, MT, mirror

5. hardware: racks, bath/shower mixer, switch panel, power sockets, angle valves, shower, lavatory faucet, drain, cover wire

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