Home improvement knowledge


1, the layout of the House: according to their own understanding of the housing feature areas, like the style of the design. During that time, you have to run the building materials market, various materials (including price, this cost-related), tile  

, sheet metal, paint and so on (it's too much, it does not count). After more careful discussion of you, draw a floor plan and layout of the scale. Again according to the layout, and improve, to find an ideal solution!  

of special note are: in the design from the ... Practical (easy)-security (such as some handles use, treatment of the wall corner)-green (material)-beautiful (rational use of space)-style  

(self-contained line! See more books on decoration) choice to consider!  

2, the construction drawing (workers according to the drawings, will reach the first result ... HA HA. Not yourself for each job, and renovation workers drop ... ) 

construction details of the drawing dimensions, such as decorate walls, furniture and other

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