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Home life furniture the great taboo

beautiful home was renovated and began arranging furniture, it's learned. Look at five major taboos in arranging furniture in a home Feng Shui.


strong sunlight faded sofa surface, directly affect the durability of the sofa, sofa material is used, placed at the window can be long, especially rooms facing West, to be avoided.

taboo II

placing audio-visual equipment to stay away from the Windows, there are two reasons: first, because the TV screen is light, will have a reflective effect, eyes are not uncomfortable to enjoy television programming. Near a window be contaminated dust, rain, splashing rain is more likely to, affect its operations or even leakage phenomenon.

taboo III

lighting chandelier dominated much of the market, must be used properly, such as the House is too low, it is necessary to pay attention to the height of the chandelier, too low can impede walking. Chandeliers installed in the Middle, light more evenly. As for the height of the chandelier, ideally around 50-60 cm from the desktop, is too high, you may be a magnificent, too low and hit his head.

taboo IV

writing desk desktop should be below the elbows to facilitate the activity. Distance of the top of the Cabinet and the ground preferably no more than 2 meters, art Cabinet has two levels, first best with objects placed inside the eye can see to the ideal height, the second layer to reach high to get something better.

taboo v

beds should not be looking in the mirror, mirror other things, when the person is in a State of vague, may be frightened. Bed is not located under the beam, because lying under the beam, the subconscious will feel oppressed.  

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