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In eight categories of Feng Shui colors should be used with caution

decorated room when everyone wishes to adopt colors beautiful home décor. But, you know, wrong color application, also be breaking the taboo of Feng Shui.

dark blue  

all in dark blue, time, Yin in deep, all negative, also less safe in the home.


home painted purple, and can be said to be purple room fragrance, unfortunately, some in purple red series, which gave out a harsh sense of color.


home in the paint pink who, most big fierce of color, pink easy makes people mood tempered, easy occurred spat, race is, and fight of thing frequently; especially wedding couple, to Regulation boudoir in the atmosphere, in where Lady eye in the seems is very has romantic of, but, with tones of not harmonic, had a time 後, two people mood will produced somehow of fire, easy for Sesame small noisy not finished, last on divorce not return, today of social divorce rate so amazing, and this factors also accounted for has is big, so, Designers should note that this color is not the best, this tone can also cause neuropathy.


painted in green, will also make wills at home depressed, is not what the General said, eyes should be green, in fact, the Green refers to the nature of green, rather than the deployment of artificial green, therefore, will inevitably cause indoor stands, not animated.


home in the Red more who, Chinese always think red is auspicious color, but Korea custom dead home in the with red cloth representative, these are just people of life custom just, but red series more who, makes people eyes of burden overweight, and makes people of mood easy tempered, so, red only can do for match of less part tones, not do for theme of tones, but Temple temple is and homes different.


best for color of white, ivory, white, the three colors of the optic nerve with people most suitable, because the sunlight is white series, the light, the human heart. Eyes also need light to reconcile, and white the best configuration of furniture in the House, white series represent hope.


House paint in yellow, stuffy, and hot, uncomfortable, there is a sense not say surprised, worry about, so to brain consciousness is filled with multiple layers of illusion, neuropathy is very sensitive to this color.


Orange, although it is full of vibrant, very warm feeling, but too much orange, also makes people tired of feeling

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