Home improvement knowledge


to be environmentally friendly and save money, you also have in terms of materials and effort!  

making good use of materials? Oh, and by any measure well? Material quality is? Safe environment? Is a comprehensive cost-effective?  

Oh, too many kinds of material for decorating the House too much. The saying goes: only money merchandise! Oh, you're buying expensive, is good. But value for money is not very satisfactory.  

in General, buying a mid-range price of products, better.  

wood: wood panels with 80~100 around the core; wood with bright color; 1mm thick natural plates for Panel; use of MDF (formaldehyde).. ... There is the fire Board with 1mm.  

stone type: much less granite marble (marble appearance, less radiation, but the hardness almost), and of course ladder step such as granite. Culture stone available. (Stone of bright radiation).  

face brick: the best from several local brand goods. Just the price high. Do you compare yourself to.  

wall paint: Dulux, Nippon, CR, chrysanthemum. ...  

furniture paint: a giraffe, a large treasure ...  

cement:   of the best local brand products;

the wire: the best local brand products

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